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Content labeled as 'In partnership', 'Promoted', 'Sponsored' or 'ad' means the content you're seeing is being promoted by one (or more) advertiser(s), often non-afiliated with WindLive. Advertisements help us cover maintenance costs, so we can keep WindLive free for everyone.

If you're looking advertise your business/product in exchange for helping us run our service, check out what we've listed below.

Promoted banners

You may come across banners labelled as 'Sponsored' or 'ad' on our website. Banners like these often tend to promote a third-party business/product. You can learn more about said promotion by clicking on the banner to visit the merchant's product.

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Places Nearby

'Places Nearby' is a section aiming to promote the presence of local businesses in the area. You can view a business' info such as location, website, contact info (...) by clicking 'view' on one of the cards.

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Advertisers & WindLive

Like we previously mentioned, we rely on advertisements to cover hardware & software expenses, to keep our service free for everyone.

Our goal is to provide a space for both our users & advertisers to co-exist, without disrupting the usability of our service. We know from experience that ads can cause disruptions in design, making it harder to navigate or view information. User experience is something we care deeply about, so we're always on the lookout for ways to provide advertisers with practical solutions, while keeping our product's design as intuitive as possible for everyone.

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