August 2023 Minor update – Businesses, HTML Widgets & more

Aug 1

👋 Hello!

You may have noticed that we've recently pushed both some quality-of-life improvements as well as some changes for Businesses on WindLive. Continue reading for all the info, starting with the important stuff first:

⚠️ Changes to our Terms & Pricing

We've recently updated our Terms of Service, Advertiser Guidelines as well as our pricing for Business Listings. These changes will be in effect as of August 30th 2023.

Terms of Service (TOS)

Advertiser Guidelines

More info about changes in our pricing below.

🎉 What's New?

Changes to Forecast window

✨ Improvements to forecasts

The forecast window is now fully expanded by default. We found this easier for users to see upcoming wind at-a-glance, so you can have a better idea of when to plan your trips.

</> HTML Widget

The WindLive HTML Widget is back! And it's here to stay. You can once again now feature live wind, directly on your website. Follow this guide to learn how to add it to your site.

📍 Business Listing Improvements

We've drastically improved everything related to services on WindLive. Here's some of the headlining changes.

Redesigned look

✨ Refreshed look

We've drastically improved the way businesses look on WindLive. For improved engagement, the new info panel now slides up with a new beautiful banner display, with emphasis on the business' socials and a redesigned website button. Pictures shared by businesses can now be viewed in full in a new image carousel featured on each card.

Customise and live preview

✨ Redesigned application form

Not listed on WindLive yet? Well, now's the time since we've completely overhauled the application process for businesses. The new form now shows a preview of how your card will look like. You can change the theme colour, upload pictures, select tags, and it all updates as you progress through the form. You'll also now receive a confirmation email upon submission. You can try it out here.

'View' Opens the default info menu, 'Visit' links directly to a website.

🔗 Direct Linking

We know that some businesses put a lot of value in views and clicks. For those who look for uncompromised engagement, we've now added an option to directly link potential customers back to your website when your card is clicked. This can be any link or landing page of your choice, bypassing the default 'info menu'. This of course is optional, and if you like how your business looks in the default info view, you're all good! 👍

🦉 Tripadvisor® Integration (Coming soon)

That's right, soon you'll also be able to feature Tripadvisor® ratings directly in your business' card. If you are currently listed on WindLive and TripAdvisor®, let us know via email if you'd like to sign up for this feature.

⭐️ Featured products for Shops

Shops & Retailers can now include up to 5 featured items on their listing. Each product gets its own card, with an image and 'buy' button linking back to the business's store. Note that right now this functionality requires you to have an online store presence with the same products displayed.

If you're shop/retailer interested in this functionality (even if you're not currently listed on WindLive), let us know anytime via email or our contact form.

⚠️ Changes to our Pricing

Please note that our pricing for Business Listings is changing from Rs 200/mo to Rs270/mo (MUR). Note that these changes in pricing will be in effect as of August 30th 2023. Already own a listing on WindLive? Don't worry, the price changes will only take effect on your next renewal date.

We're increasing our pricing due to WindLive's high increase in popularity & maintenance costs. Of course, we'd like to remind our customers as well as everyone that right now, all our revenue goes back directly to WindLive's development and our plans for expansion. We thank everyone for your support and we are devoted to continue being your daily driver for live wind!

🙌 That's all folks

Thank you for reading our latest update blog — we hope you'll like the new features!

As always, if you have any ideas, feedback or concerns:

- Check out our FAQ

- Contact us anytime right here

Cheers from WindLive 🤙