March 2023 Update – UI improvements , Systems overhaul & Important Bugfixes

Mar 16

👋 Hey there!

We've recently updated the Le Morne page with some new features, looks, & more. This is the first major update of the year, and we're happy to walk you through all the new stuff! Keep reading for a list of the complete changelog.

✨ UI Improvements

As you may have noticed, we've changed some of the layout elements. Here's what new:

📊 Redesigned Timeline

The wind speed history timeline features a new & improved, compact design. On desktop, you'll also notice that it's been moved under the wind meter.

On mobile the new timeline now fits ideally within the screen's width, eliminating the need for scrolling. In alignment with this change, the timeline has also been reversed (the most recent data now appears on the right), making it readable more like a conventional bar chart.

We've also changed the timestamps so that they display as relative (5min, 15min, 30min...) by default, and switch back to absolute (e.g 1:05, 1:10, etc..) on hover/tap.

A demo of the newly-redesigned timeline.

✨ Enhanced views

We're working on new features & ways to view richer data on WindLive. Today, we're adding 'enhanced views'. If you look under the forecast view, you can now click/tap on elements such as 'Tides' or 'UV index' to view more information about the data.

Here's what it looks like for tides:

In this example, you can now view more data on tides, such as low & high tide times, the current tide state & level as well as progress. Comming soon, you'll also be able to view the current moon phase, moon rise & fall. This feature also works for UVI, Score, and Atmospheric pressure.

Of course, this is only the beginning. This feature is currently quite limited, right now we find it most useful for tides.

However, we're already working on adding support for temperature (support for THSW index + 'feels like' temperature + Solar radiation), Humidity (support for 'Dew point'), sunrises/sets (Support for time until complete dark, how much time of sunlight per day, etc...), & more to come. Expect another update some time later this month!

🏝️ Small quality-of-life changes

💨 60-second updates

Wind data will now update every 60 seconds (previously 5 minutes)

🧹 Automatic refresh

A while back, we replaced the old 'refresh' button with user log-in. This proved to be annoying for people running the shortcut from their devices' homescreen, having to exit the app and open it again to get up-to-date data.

From today on, the windlive page will now refresh every 3-5 minutes automatically, even when you leave the mobile shortcut and come back later.

🐞 Important Bug Fixes & System Improvements

We've had the opportunity to double down on fixing bugs, including some

🥶 No more random freezes

For a while now, our page has been impacted by a bug, causing live data to completely freeze at random. We've been investigating this issue for a long time now, and until recently, the problem causing this was a complete mystery to us. 

The solution was to completely re-code everything – More info on that below.

🛠️ Major System Overhaul

It may not look like it, but the page you're seeing now was completely re-developped from scratch. This also allowed us to double down on very annoying bugs, and performance issues, especially for mobile devices. From our testing, the page now loads up to 30% faster (when visiting the website for the first time), and even faster if you're refreshing or checking out the page once in a while (thanks to major improvements with web cache). This was not easy and took quite a while. However, although everything has been running smoothly so far, please beware that we cannot certify this new system is likely to experience bugs as time goes. We work hard on implementing fixes as fast as possible, and if you do happen to cross any malfunctions, do let us know!

🏗️ Things we're working on

Some stuff we plan on/already are working on in the coming weeks:

More options for 'Enhanced views'

Like we previously mentioned, we're actively working on bringing more visible data with enhanced views, such as:

- support for temperature, THSW index + 'feels like' temperature + Solar radiation,

- Humidity + 'Dew point',

- Sunrises/sets + time until complete dark + how much time of sunlight per day, etc...

Score 3.0

The WindLive score system has here for a while now, we're working on the third generation of our score-calculation algorithm.

For this, we'll need your help and feedback. Soon, a prompt will be added where you'll be able to 'rate your experience' after a session of Kiteboarding/surfing at Le Morne. We want to build a scoring system that reflects the community feels — with this data, we're hoping to be able to compare past weather readings and build a more accurate ranking system.

WindLive Marketplace (Coming early winter season)

Yes, a marketplace is in the works. We want to build a place where people can trade both sports & marine equipment, here on WindLive. We expect this to be available early this (Mauritian) winter season. Stay tuned!

WindLive For Fishing (in early works)

This may come as a surprise, but we're planning on having a seperate interface — built for fishing enthusiasts. The new 'fishing dashboard' will feature new UI components, specialised for rating live fishing conditions (Tides, air pressure, water temperature, etc...).

If you consider yourself a 'pro' fisherman in the area (or anywhere on the island), we'd be glad if you could hit us up with your best advice!

🙌 That's all for now

Thank you for reading our latest update blog — we hope you'll like the new features!

As always, if you have any ideas, feedback or concerns:

- We've recently updated our FAQ

- You can contact us anytime right here

Cheers from WindLive 🤙