Live wind data, for everyone.

Meet Windlive – Live readings, directly from the spot. View live wind measurements & more from on-site sensors.

Lots of data, easy viewing

Whether you're a wind-sports enthusiast or just curious about the current conditions, WindLive provides easy-to-read data based on live readings.

Our goal is to provide a space for just that – while keeping things simple & easy to grasp. We've spent the past year developing and enhancing the look of our user-interface, in order to provide an experience that looks and feels seamless.

Updates every minute

WindLive automatically refreshes every 60 seconds, so you're always looking at the latest data.

Built-in forecast

No wind right now? Get an estimate of what kind of breeze is ahead.

It can also tell you how long the current wind is going to last, or if there's significant wind ahead, in one short sentence.

Temperature, UVs, Sunsets, Pressure & more

It's not just live wind – it's live everything. From temperature to atmospheric pressure, almost all data is measured in real-time and updated instantaneously.

Live data currently supported: Wind, Direction, Gusts, Temperature, UVI, Atmospheric Pressure, and Tides.

Real-time Tides

View the current tide state, level & more,
as well as upcoming low/high tides. See

Live tide level is calculated based on the time difference between the previous & next high/low tide times & levels

Moon Phases

Coming soon – In addition to tides, you'll also be able to view the current Moon Phase.

Upcoming features – Current/Next Moon phase, next moonrise/moonfall, & more.

Works accross all your devices.

WindLive works just as well on desktop and mobile. In addition, you can also add it to your home screen on both iOS and Android.

On iOS, go to, tap 'share' (bottom middle on iPhone, top right on iPad), scroll down and tap 'Add to home screen', tap 'Add', and you're set.

Made with love from 🇲🇺 🏝

Windlive is freelance project actively developed in Mauritius. This includes everything from web development, UI design, software and hardware, all developed by locals.

And much more.

See what the current conditions are in Le Morne, Mauritius.


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