What's Score?

WindLive Score is a rating system with a scale from 0 to 10, built for wind-sports enthusiasts. The higher the score, the better the conditions are for wind-related sports such as kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, Wing-surfing, & more.

How does it work?

Score takes into account multiple readings, such as wind speed, direction, consistency (wind speed min/max ratio), swell & rain, sampled continuously and updated every 20 minutes. With these readings, our algorithm calculates a fitting score, based on local community feedback.

For example, the score is likely to increase with higher wind speeds, or decrease in event of heavy rain.

Some other factors such as wind consistency can have an impact too – in the event of a high minimum/maximum wind speed ratio, the score is more likely to decrease due to inconsistent wind.

Each type of data has different weight value, meaning that some can affect the score more than other types. For example, rainfall will have a higher impact on the score than wind speed during heavy rainfall.

What is considered a 'good' score?

The answer may vary based on who you ask. From our own previous experience & feedback, we'd recommend a rating of:

• 3 or higher, as a bare minimum for sports like in-lagoon kitesurfing
• 5-6 for an 'average' to 'good' wind experience
• 7-10 for the best there is to offer.

Note that a perfect 10/10 rating is a rare occurrence. Consider yourself lucky if you come across one!

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