Roaming mode

What's Roaming mode?

Roaming mode is triggered automatically in the event of connection issues and/or other problems while retrieving live data from the corresponding lWindLive local sensing station. Roaming will also trigger in the event of hardware maintenance,

While in roaming mode, WindLive automatically switches to readings from third-party providers, to compensate for the lack of live data (such as wind speed, gusts and direction).

How do I know when roaming is on?

During roaming mode, the direction indicator (blue arrow) will turn green. In addition, a message will pop up indicating that live data is currently unavailable. You can also check the status page for more info on the downtime.

Limited features

Some features may be limited or temporarily unavailable while in roaming mode. This includes the historic timeline, score, UVI, atmospheric pressure, widgets, & more.

Data accuracy

Since third-party-sourced data relies on forecasts & computer models instead of having an on-site station like us, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of readings shown during roaming mode. Wind speed may be off by 2-3 knots, but should be enough to tell you if there's significant wind or not.

➡ If you happen to have questions about roaming mode or anything else in general, check out this FAQ or ask us directly.

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